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Face Protection

Eye Protection

PPE 2: Coverall 60g PP+PE

PPE 3: Coverall 85g PP+PE


Face shields are used to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus through infected splashes, droplets and sprays from person to person.

Face shields are re-usable, easy to clean/disinfect, allows for visibility of the face while protecting against the spread of germs, not as easy to remove from the face when speaking (compared to masks).


  • Anti-Fog
  • Dust-Proof
  • Anti-Fouling
  • Anti-Fingerprint

Eye protection goggles provides a barrier to infectious materials entering the eye and is often used in conjunction with other personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, gowns, masks or respirators.

Appropriately fitted, indirectly-vented goggles* with a manufacturer’s anti-fog coating provide the most reliable practical eye protection from splashes, sprays, and respiratory droplets.

Eye protection should be removed by handling only the portion of this equipment that secures the device to the head (i.e., plastic temples, elasticized band, ties), as this is considered relatively “clean”.

N99 (ePTFE) Membrane mask 

The N99 (ePTFE) Membrane mask contains a macromolecular material that is widely used to filter air and water.

The letter N means that the mask is non-resistant to oil-based particles such as solvents and pesticides.

R = oil-resistant, P = oil proof (completely resistant to oil). R and P are mostly worn by industrial workers. Oil-resistance is not relevant right now due to Corona Virus particles not being oil-based. The number refers to the percentage of airborne particles that the mask filters out.



    • Light weight
    • High efficiency in filtration
    • Allows for easy breathing
    • Moisture excluded

3M Mask

The 3M N95 1860 respirator is specifically designed to provide protection against infectious sprays or droplets entering the nose or mouth of the wearer. It meets the guidelines for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis exposure control and has been FDA approved to be used as a surgical mask.


  • NIOSH Approved
  • Small sized to accomodate all facial sizes
  • Protection against airborne particles
  • Fluid-Resistant
  • Collapse-Resistant
  • Light weight
  • Cushioning nose foam for comfort

N95 Mask

The N95 respirator is a mask that is specifically designed to achieve protection and comfort with efficient filtration of airborne particles. The ‘95’ is a representation of the percentage of small particles that the respirator had blocked under careful testing.



Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps prevent the spread of germs in the hospital. This can protect people and health care workers from infections. All hospital staff, patients, and visitors should use PPE when there will be contact with blood or other bodily fluids. 

PPE includes medical gloves, masks, face shields, respirators, goggles, coveralls, and safety shoes. This gear can be used as a barrier against infectious droplets entering your nose, mouth, and eyes.

Isolation gowns are generally the preferred PPE for clothing but aprons occasionally are used where limited contamination is anticipated. If contamination of the arms can be anticipated, a gown should be selected. Gowns should fully cover the torso, fit comfortably over the body, and have long sleeves that fit snuggly at the wrist.


One-piece 30mg CPE isolation gown. Gown fabric is fluid resistant, thin for breathability, and durable to allow for once-off protection. Coverall includes a tie at the back of the gown to create a secure and individual fit for each user.

Made from non-woven fabric.

Dust-proof, waterproof, and prevent the spread of bacteria

Colours: Blue

Sizes: S-XXL


Excellent breathability enablement with a comfort feel when worn for long periods of time to enhance productivity. PPE is not a protection against mineral acids and solvents.

Material: Lamination PP

Spray Impact Penetration <1.0g

Hydrostatic Pressure > 50cmH20


Occupational protective clothing used by medical personnel in medical institutions to prevent the transmission of viruses from patients to medical personnel with air or liquid.

Fabric Specification: 100% Poly PU Coating

Spray Impact Penetration: < 0.5g (CNS14801)

Hydrostatic Pressure > 140cmH20 (CNS10460)

Medical Infrared Thermometer – designed to accurately measure body or forehead temperature while eliminating contact from one person to another. The Infrared temperature detector is useful to provide fast and highly accurate results amongst an array of people.


  • Non-contact measure of body/forehead temperature
  • Accurate results
  • Measures up to 3cm to avoid close contact
  • High precision infrared sensor
  • Large screen to view results easily

PPE 3 Coverall + Infrared Thermometer